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Beer:30 Outdoor Fire Pit Poker

Beer:30 Outdoor Fire Pit Poker

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This Beer:30 outdoor fire pit poker is perfect for that time of day when it is time to crack open a nice cold beer and start a fire with friends and family. "Hey, what time is it?" "It's beer:30 my friend; let's have one!" BEER:30 is painted in black and includes a clip art image of a nice cold beer in a mug.

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Product Specifications

  • Brand:  Ame High®
  • Origin:  Wisconsin, USA
  • Overall Dimensions:  48" long
  • Weight:  2 lbs.
  • Handle:
    • Engraved/ burnt/ distressed (varies on product)
    • Stain:  golden oak or dark walnut
    • 3 coats of outdoor spar-urethane
  • Poker Rod: 
    • 3/8" 60 grade steel
    • pointed tips
    • welded hook approx. 3" from bottom
    • primer, Rustoleum heat paint, outdoor gloss paint for shine
  • Additions:
    • leather strap for storing
    • rubber end caps for consumer protection
  • Ame High backs their products by a 1-year manufacturer warranty



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