Fire Pit Poker, Fire Chief, Ame High
Fire Chief Outdoor Fire Pit Poker
Fire Chief Outdoor Fire Pit Poker

Fire Chief Outdoor Fire Pit Poker

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Everyone knows that person who is 'in charge' or 'the chief' of that monstrous fire. This particular outdoor fire pit poker is fitting to be in the hands of that person. FIRE CHIEF is painted in red.

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Product Specifications

  • Brand:  Ame High®
  • Origin:  Wisconsin, USA
  • Overall Dimensions:  48" long
  • Weight:  2 lbs.
  • Handle:
    • Engraved/ burnt/ distressed (varies on product)
    • Stain:  golden oak or dark walnut
    • 3 coats of outdoor spar-urethane
  • Poker Rod: 
    • 3/8" 60 grade steel
    • pointed tips
    • welded hook approx. 3" from bottom
    • primer, Rustoleum heat paint, outdoor gloss paint for shine
  • Additions:
    • leather strap for storing
    • rubber end caps for consumer protection
  • Ame High backs their products by a 1-year manufacturer warranty



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